“Saffron Collar #4”


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”Saffron Collar” #4

Double Strand Oval Collar
of Deep and Bright Saffron Colored Copal (tree resin/acrylic) Rounds and Rondelles,
some with Red Tips- from Morocco, referred to as “Moroccan Amber” in the African Bead Trade.
3/4 inch three sided Cylinders of Hammered White Brass
depicting Raised Images of Leafy Foliage or Cloud Motifs
and set with small Red Coral and one with small Turquoise Rounds- from Tibet.
Lead free Pewter (30% Silver) Pumpkins- India,
finished with Deep Scored and Stained Silver/White Brass Alloy Rounds,
from the Hunan Tribespeople of China.
Plated Furnishings and “Two Sisters” Pocket Watch Clasp- USA.
Coin:Twentyfive Kopeks, 1992- Ukraine


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