“Red & Black Poltava” #5R


“Red & Black Poltava” # 5R
Five Strand Oval Collar of Deep Red Stained Coral Rounds,
Cylinders and Rondelles- from China, of Asian Waters.
(Note that the surface irregularities are normal to natural coral formations, considered more desirable to collectors of this material).
Black Lava Rounds, from Italy, cit and polished in China.
Brass Heshi- Philippines, small Black Drops of American Acrylic.
Lead-free Pewter (50% Silver) Stamped Discs and Granulation Style Rondelles- from India.
Brass Corner-lessCube End Beads- Thailand.
Plated Furnishings and “Two Sisters” Men’s Pocket Watch Clasp- USA.
Coin: Twenty Centimes, 1962- France.


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