“Mother and Child Icon Ascot” #4


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“Mother and Child Icon Ascot” #4
Four Strand Ascot Style Collar
of Black Onyx Smooth Rounds and Small Twists;
Faceted Cylinders, Bi-cones and Smooth Small Baguettes-
all from China.
Black Lave Drops, from Italy
Tibetan Silver Orbs, Incised with Swirling Clouds,
Silver Cutwork Rondelles- India.
Featuring a Serpentine Jade Plaque Pendant, from China,
to which is affixed a Greek Icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help.
In this method, the Image is first painted on canvas paper,
then overpainted in oils and mounted on wood;
Lastly, it is clad in a level of Silver that is then is Carved
and further decorated with Fine Scoring, Filigree, Braiding and Granulation Detail.
Sterling Silver Small Discs, from Thailand,
Red Stained Coral Discs- China, of Asian Waters;
Fringe contains Smokey Topaz Faceted Cylinders, China,
Water Buffalo Horn (Black) Four-Sided Baguettes- Philippines.
Plated Furnishings & Two Sister’s Men’s Pocket Watch Clasp- USA.
Coin: Silver Dime, 1913- America.



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