“Coral & Brass Ziggurat” #6A




“Coral & Brass Ziggurat” #6A
Single Strand Oval Collar of Natural Coral Rondelles-
from China, of Asian Waters.
Please note that surface irregularities are normal to natural coral and are considered desirable to collectors of this material.
Fringed with six 3 inch long Hammered Brass Ornaments
with Raised Depictions of Animal Figures, Birds, Floral and Foliage Motifs, from Tibet.
Deep Melon Scored and Stained Rounds of Silver/White Brass Alloy-
from the Hunan Tribes People of China.
Cracked Agate Rondelles- China.
Finished with White Brass Corner-lessCubes- from Thailand.
Plated Furnishings and “Two Sisters” Pocket Watch Clasp- USA.
Coin: Scalloped Edged Burmese Lion (Pyas), 1952-1965



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