A poem for Masha Archer

by Valentina Sinkevich

Golden drops, color-peirced clusters

coral, jade, lapis, bone seed and glass.

All mysterious, all exquisite-

vines, rooted in antiquity, Sun-lit.

Giving the gift of radiance

for the waiting body of a woman

fulfilled or desperate,

defiant or at peace.

Your beads- always enigma

primitive and ardent,

an ornament of the woman’s life.

Your beads

moulded by you into

a pattern

that flares

coral, green, blue, gold

silver and brass.

Always life, always no winter,

always praising the body

and it’s inspired flight.

The beauty enters my eyes and stays there

full of primordial want and full of light.

Your beads

moulded by you into a mysterious pattern-

for Art is a mysterious and passionate 

outpouring of the unknown self.